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As a native Mainer longing for a piece of home, I failed to find simply stated, high quality designs to share my pride for my home state which is so central to my upbringing & love for the outdoors. 

My name is Hope and I've been a Mainer in Exile for a LONG time. Wife,  mom of two wonderful boys and our four-legged friend, Wilma. I've been in software sales for 18+ years but a recent layoff gave me time to discover a creative outlet.

Thus, A Mainer in Exile was born. A modern take on the traditional keepsake. We offer products that help you connect with your roots or a special vacation memory.  

We believe that a keepsake should be more than just an item—it should tell a story, evoke cherished memories, and create a sense of belonging. 

Browse our collection today and find your perfect piece of Maine (or other destination) to treasure. Whether you're a native, a visitor, or simply captivated from "away," we hope you enjoy our products.

Welcome to Mainer in Exile—where tradition meets contemporary style.